Hi McCallum Students and Parents,

Congratulations on making it through Week One of the 2020-2021 school year!  Hopefully you got some much-needed rest this weekend because Week Two is just around the corner.

Our staff met on Friday afternoon and traded some tips for online learning. We looked at how we adjust our Zoom settings to keep the virtual space safe and conducive to learning. In order to ensure students are where they are supposed to be and are accountable for their behavior in Zoom, we are now asking that all students change their name before entering Zoom to the following:

  • Last Name, First Name student goes by (preferred pronouns can be added)

Example John Smith-Dominguez (2 last names) would be on the roster as Smith, John. If he doesn’t like Smith, and only Dominguez, he can sign on as, S.Dominguez, John or Name he goes by (pronouns if so chooses)

This helps with a quick attendance for Zoom check in and to avoid inappropriate Zoom behavior. We appreciate everyone’s attention to this.

Don’t forget to find all kinds of important information on the Mac Student Hub. Link to MAC Student HUBhttps://bit.ly/3gWYGJN.

Thank you,

Nicole Griffith
Interim Principal
McCallum High School

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