The yearbooks arrived on campus this weekend, and we will be distributing them on Monday.

  1. Seniors may pick up their yearbooks in the cafeteria after first-period announcements are over.
  2. We will distribute books to the rest of the school during third period. We may try a second distribution during fourth depending on if we can reorganize quickly enough to do that.
  3. If you purchased a yearbook and do not receive it during third period, you may come pick it up after school on Monday in Room 134.
  4. If you would like to purchase a yearbook, we still have some available for sale.

You may purchase a book online at this address: If you purchase a book online before Monday, please bring your receipt to school with you when you come to pick up your book after school.

If you are a senior, you may purchase a yearbook in the cafeteria after announcements. Cash or check for $75 will be accepted (make check payable to McCallum High School).

If you are not a senior, you may purchase a book after school in Room 134.

Please remember that putting together a 250-page book is a difficult job that the yearbook staff has elected to do on behalf of the school. It is an act of service to the whole school. There will be unfortunate mistakes in this book as there are in all yearbooks. Please let us know of any mistakes you discover, but before you criticize the yearbook or the yearbook staff to anyone, please keep in mind that they worked very hard to produce this book and tried their best to produce the best book possible.


Welcome to the New MacKnightly News Editor

When my son graduates from Mac on the 29th, I will graduate from my job as the volunteer MacKnightly News editor. The PTSA is grateful to Jay Plotkin for stepping up to take on this responsibility. The MacKnightly is a great source of information for all things Mac and it’s been a pleasure to keep everyone in the know for the past two years.