The Texas Calls for Climate Campaign is offering service hours for interested middle and high school students.

This project, designed in collaboration with high school climate activists, Sierra Club, and Citizens’ Climate Lobby, is designed for students to raise their voices to influence legislators to stop climate change. To stop climate change, we must pass federal legislation and increase people’s awareness that climate change is a problem and we can solve it. You can help us do this effectively and earn service hours by:

  • Making phone calls to members of Congress
  • Getting others to make phone calls
  • Talking about climate change with others

You can participate over the summer and earn service hours for the next school year, all while contributing safely via Zoom. Project details and criteria for earning hours are outlined here.

For more information, contact

If you know someone else who might like to offer this program to students at your school, please forward this to them.

This program is totally nonpartisan as we explain here. Many experts argue that advocating to Congress for climate legislation and talking to others about the climate are the most powerful things we can do to stop climate change. As you know, students depressed about the state of the world feel better when they feel empowered to do something about it.

Thank you!
Susan Adams, Regional Coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby
Bob Hendricks, State Climate Change Committee Chair for the Sierra Club–

Susan Adams

Regional Coordinator, Third Coast (TX, LA, MS)
Citizens’ Climate Lobby


Coach Nitardy
Advance College Counselor