Dear Mac Families,

I hope this finds you all ready for school to start tomorrow!  We are very excited to see our McCallum students! I have a few last-minute important reminders for our students.

Water Bottles
We have turned off all the water fountains that require students to bring their mouths close to the fountain (for obvious reasons).  We do have the type that are meant to fill water bottles.  ALL students should bring with them a full reusable water bottle. We have some cases of water but they won’t last long.  On that note, we are taking donations of water for students who might forget their reusable water bottle. If you are in the position to be able to donate water, please drop it off at the main entrance on Sunshine Drive.

Where do I go tomorrow morning?
We will start with 5th period tomorrow morning and follow the regular B Day schedule.  We will have the room number posted for every student who is not sure.  Please remind students they are not alone if they feel they unsettled and nervous about tomorrow. That’s a natural feeling, though some feel it much strong than others.  We will have counselors available for students who need extra support.

All schedules should now be finalized. Please use the steps below to find your schedule and then make a copy, take a screenshot, or write out your schedule the old school way (paper and pencil).

There are several ways to find your student’s schedule:

  1. Parent Cloud
    1. Log into the parent cloud
    2. Search “Self Serve”
    3. Click on “Parent Self Serve”
    4. Log in
  2. Student and Parent Portal
    1. Log into Chromebook or
    2. Search “Self Serve”
    3. Click on “Frontline SIS Self Serve”
    4. Log in
  3. Frontline APP – on your phone
    1. Go to APP store
    2. Search “Frontline ERP & SIS”
    3. Download
    4. Select Austin ISD
    5. Students: Select Student
    6. Students Log in with same credential as Chromebook log in
    7. Parents: Select Parent
    8. Parents Log in with same Parent Portal/Cloud credentials

Chromebook Information

Chromebook Log in Credentials:

  • User Name = S & student id number
  • Example: S1001234
  • Password = Capital First letter of Last name, 6 digit birthday, small s
  • Example: Last Name is Baugh, Birthday is 06/24/06 = password is B062406s


  • 9th grade students will use the Chromebook they were issued from middle school.
  • If your Chromebook is not working, please try power washing it using the instructions linked here:
  • If your Chromebook is still not working after power washing it, come to the library to trouble shoot it.
  • If you do NOT have a Chromebook issued to you, please come get one in the library before school 8:15am – 8:50am or during your lunch time.
  • If you have a broken Chromebook, come to the library to exchange it for another one.

Questions about Chromebooks? Email the librarian

I truly hope your student has a wonderful first day back!

Please let us know how we can help.


Nicole Griffith
McCallum High School