Students that are currently taking English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Biology, and/or US History this school year, are registered to take the STAAR EOC. 

STAAR EOCs must be taken in-person, on campus. Your parent may have already contacted the school to postpone taking the STAAR EOC. This has been documented. No need to contact the school again. Thank you!

English 1 is on April 6th. English 1 STAAR EOC info can be found here:

English 2 is on April 8th. English 2 STAAR EOC info can be found here:

Algebra 1 is on May 4th

Biology is on May 5th

US History is on May 7th

  • Algebra 1, Biology, US History STAAR EOC info will be sent out by April 12th (please wait. I have soooo much to do for the English STAAR EOCs before I can begin to work on the May STAAR EOCs. Thank you for understanding 🙂 )



  • Students may practice using the STAAR EOC online testing platform at this link and using these drop down selections:

Year – Select 2018
Grade – Select EOC
Subject – Select English
Test – Select No PNP

Questions? email Thank you!!!

General information about the tests can be found here.