McCallum’s Student Leaders Abroad (SLA) took 20 students to the Dominican Republic on a service learning/marine biology trip this past summer and it was such an incredible experience that we’re going again! If your student is interested in a career in marine biology (or any of the sciences) then they will not want to miss out on this experience. Our travels will take us to the shores of Boca Chica where we will be working side by side with a group of marine biologists, coral gardeners, and veterinarians to aide an established scientific non-profit organization – Verde Profundo – in their work to preserve the coral reefs and mangrove forests of the D.R. Our students will be developing real world scientific skills, knowledge, and experience that they can carry with them into college and later careers. During this week we will snorkel (almost every day), visit and care for the mangrove forest nursery, learn to plant mangrove seedlings, collect and report data on animal species of the coral reefs, rebuild & restore broken coral reef sections, and so so much more. This trip is a rich and intimate look at what a career in science can really look like. You don’t have to be “good” at science to go! We welcome all curious and interested students to apply. If your student is excited about this experience, please join us for an interest meeting in the McCallum library on the evening of Tuesday, February 12, 2019 from 6:30-7:30. For questions, please contact Sarah Noack at