The price of senior ads will increase again on Jan. 1. Order yours by Dec. 31 to lock in your price and save your space. Instructions and links to order can be found here.

We now have our easiest process yet: order online, upload text & photos through Balfour, and then we’ll create the ad for you. Our students will design the ad with the guidance of our editors, and you’ll be allowed to approve it before publication. This will ensure the highest quality production for your ad.

Payment, photos and text must be received within two weeks of the promotional window or the pricing in effect at submission will apply. Scroll down for information on submitting photos and text.

Senior Ad Specifics/Guidelines
In accordance with the Austin Independent School District guidelines and Texas law, senior ads that depict, refer to or involve illegal activities will not be accepted.

Publishing of senior ads is at the discretion of the yearbook editors under guidance of the adviser. It should go without saying, but the following criteria must be met for an ad to be published in the yearbook:

  • No references or photos related or showing alcoholic beverages.
  • No references or photos related to drug use or anything drug related.
  • No references or photos related to the smoking of cigarettes, cigars and/or other tobacco products.
  • No references or photos with sexual harassment(ie: degrading name(s) or suggestive material).
  • No references or photos with negative comments concerning race, religion or groups of people.
  • No references or photos with inappropriate hand gestures or gang symbols or gang-related activities.
  • No references to rude or suggestive song lyrics.
  • No ads will be accepted that contain cut up pictures. Collages will not be accepted. The yearbook staff will size the pictures and design the ad.
  • Messages should be written as a personal tribute to the accomplishments of or best wishes for the senior. Messages in support of a political cause or issue will not be accepted.


How to submit photos and text

How to upload pictures to Balfour’s website for your senior’s ad:

STEP 1 – Login to your account
Login to My Account on with your username and password

STEP 2 – Locate your Ad
Click on “My Orders” to find your ad then click “View Order”

STEP 3 – Upload your Images
Click “Edit Now” to go to the Ad Status Page, then “Start Creating” to upload your images in the Ad Editor. Drag and drop your images into the gray placeholders on the left, in the order you would like the staff to use them. The placeholders may not be proportional to your image choice. Don’t worry, the staff will receive the full-size images and design your ad accordingly.
Click “Save” if you need to finish later. When you come back, all of your changes will be waiting for you. Click “Next” to return to the Ads Status Page.

STEP 4 – Compose your message
After you have saved your images, return to the Ad Status Page to write your personal message in the space provided. Click “Save” to save your text.

STEP 5 – Submit when ready
If you are happy with your images and message, click “Submit My Ad” to send your ad to the yearbook staff. It’s that easy.

We will then design the ad for you and will send you a proof of that to review. Please note that we must receive text and images within a week of the price’s window closing for the pricing to stay in effect. We reserve the right to refund and have parents repurchase if photos and text are not submitted.

View our order form above and please feel free to email with any questions.