If you have not donated yet, we are hoping to get most of our fundraising done by December 31st. If you are a senior parent, and you can give a minimum of $80 (the actual cost per attendee), we will have this in the bag. Don’t forget to ask your rich aunt to donate while you are visiting over the holidays! Donate by clicking here.

Thanks to all who attended Wednesday’s Project Graduation meeting and Flash Fundraiser! We still have the opportunity to receive $5 per person additional donation. Please text ZZZ KNIGHTS2 to 797979.

Click here to download the flyer with important information about our February 2, 2019, Mattress Sale Fundraiser. Please forward the flyer and post on social media – here’s the link to the Facebook Event! One out of every 10 people you know is planning on buying a mattress this year. We can make $5500+ if 39 people or more make a purchase. Our goal is for each parent to find one person to bring to our fundraiser! Also, if your friends and family are anywhere in the U.S., they can still order their mattress, request their purchase benefit McCallum, and have it delivered for free!