Ms. Cancino is from Veracruz, Mexico.  She moved to the United States as an undocumented immigrant when she was 9 years old.  She is the oldest of three children and was “raised by an amazing single mother.”   Educated in AISD, Ms. Cancino graduated from Travis High in 2008.  She was involved with the Breakthrough Austin program which helps first generation students get college degrees.  She received a full scholarship to study at Texas A&M.  She earned a BA in Liberal Arts (Sociology).  She then returned to work at Travis High school as an in-school suspension monitor for a year and then acquired alternative certification through Region 13 to become a Spanish teacher.  Ms. Cancino has taught Spanish for three years.  She said she is “passionate about sharing my native language with my students and take great pride in researching different methods of language acquisition that I incorporate in my teaching practice.”  She is proud to be a McCallum Knight but will not forget “the Travis Rebels that raised me!”