Partners in Education needs your help with some teacher requested items listed below. A financial donation is great so the teachers have the opportunity to choose exactly what they need, but in-kind is also tremendously appreciated!

  • School supplies (dry erase markers, regular markers, highlighters, paper, pens, pencils, poster board, composition books) and 5 graphing calculators. These are for the AVID program, and although they get a small allotment from the district for AVID it is not enough because often these kids don’t have enough school supplies. These supplies would last for the year, but the priority is the calculators.
  • A microphone for the students in Speech class so they get the experience of speaking into a microphone.
  • Funds that can go toward updating the teacher lounge.

Please donate online or contact Robin Stone,, 512-466-5718, if you are interested in helping out.