Hello Parents and Guardians!

ALL students taking English 1 &/or 2 this school year are registered to take the English STAAR EOC in April. We want to gauge whether or not you plan to send your student to campus to take the English STAAR EOC.

According to the Texas Education Agency, taking the STAAR EOC is not optional. STAAR EOCs are high school graduation requirements. There are multiple opportunities each school year to take STAAR EOCs. The English STAAR EOC is given in April, June and December each school year. Your student’s 10th or 11th grade schedule is not dependent on the result of the STAAR EOCs.

The test dates are:

  •              English 1 – April 6
  •              English 2 – April 8

Testing will begin promptly at 9 am and will end at approximately 2:30 pm. Special Education, 504, and LEP STAAR EOC testing accommodations will be honored.

Students will be using their Chromebook to take the test. Even though the test is online, the test must be given in person. We will not be able to give the test outside due to the length of the test and needing access to charging stations if the Chromebook runs out of power.

The English STAAR EOC is a 5-hour test and students will be given a break at noon to eat lunch. Students will be taking their break and eating lunch in their testing room. Students will be provided a desk shield to separate them from each other while they are eating with their masks off.

Students should bring with them their Chromebook, charger, water bottle, and lunch. Students will be provided number two pencils and two sheets of scratch paper, but are welcomed to bring their own.

During testing, we will continue to enforce our safety protocols of requiring masks to be worn at all times, social distancing, complete AISD screener COVID questions, and temperature checks prior to entry. We are asking that students arrive between 8:30-8:45 am to have time to make it through the health screener.

Since STAAR EOCs are required, we will assume that you will be sending your student to campus to take the test unless you indicate otherwise on this survey. You will also be able to change your mind at any time. More details will be provided as we get closer to the date. Link to survey: https://forms.gle/RPzzy8uHzfbs14pcA

In case the form does not work for you, please email Sophia.sherline@austinisd.org with your response to this question:

This is a preliminary decision about taking the English STAAR EOC on campus,  in-person, this April. YES – My student plans to come to campus this April to take the STAAR EOC.

NO – My student will NOT be coming to campus this April to take the STAAR EOC.

MAYBE – My student MAY come to campus to test in April.


STAAR EOC Test Resources: https://tea.texas.gov/student-assessment/testing/staar/staar-resource

If you have questions regarding this STAAR EOC testing administration in April, please reach out to Sophia Sherline, sophia.sherline@austinisd.org

For COVID Safety concerns/questions, please contact Assistant Principal Andy Baxa (andy.baxa@austinisd.org).