Right before Spring Break, our Latin students sat for the National Latin Exam and did quite well. Here are those who earned recognition:

Cum Laude (with praise)
Ruby Dietz
Ava Drew
Duval Bingham
Benjamin Lawrence-Sanderson
Franchesca Lebaron
Cash Robinson
Claire Rudy
Alyssa Villhard
Cade Marriott-Voss
William Wilson

Magna cum Laude (with great praise)
Ryan Chatterjee
Eamon Crawford
Gabe Manzanares
Francisco Pelaez
Sophia Ryland
Matthew Sargeant
Matei Tuca

Maxima cum Laude (with greatest praise)
Jake Fried
Jesse Hunter
Emma Irvin
Valerie Thompson
Lindsey Wiley

Summa cum Laude (with highest praise)
Erin Caylor
Isaac Molloy
Jean Patton

Mr. Martin is so proud of all of them.