Top French students from level 2 to 5 elected to sit for a test, the Grands Concours, or National French Contest. Congratulations to all who participated and the following who rece!ived special honors. This year we had two gold medals: Diane Sung (level three) and Sam Buford (level 4.) There were three silver medals: Ben Juenger (level 2), Carolina Arellano (level 4), and Andrea Barrera-Castro (level 4). Finally, honorable mention award certificates for level 2 go out to Olivia Campa, Asha Geoghegan, Noelle McDaniel, and Zoe Tormollen. For level 3, Julia Kay Smith received an honorable mention, and for level 5, Isabel Lerman scored well and brought back an honorable mention, as well. Bon travail, tout le monde!