Dear Mac Students, Families and Staff,

I hope this finds you well!  This year has been very challenging to navigate for students, parents and McCallum staff.  We have worked through ups and downs regarding COVID-19 and redesigned how to do school in a very different way. We have worried about our staff and students and have shown compassion toward our community as a whole. I am proud of how our Mac family has approached this situation.

I am writing now to encourage our students to come BACK to MAC!  All staff have had the opportunity to receive the vaccine if they so desired. Most have now had the second shot or are very close to it. Our community spread is down and we anticipate being in Stage 2 very soon. It’s time. Please understand no one is going to be forced to come back.  I know there are some who thrive with the online approach.  I also know we have some students who would benefit from waiting for a vaccine because of underlying health concerns.

I sincerely feel that there is a minimum capacity we need to reach in order for school to feel more normal. We have not yet reached this and students sometimes choose to stay home solely because most others are choosing to stay home.  I am not sure what the exact number for minimum capacity will be but I think we’ll know it when we get there. Here’s the ask: Please come back if you can.  Ending this year back at school will help our students feel confident coming into next year.  It’s an important step.

Our target date for reaching minimum capacity for normalcy is Monday, April 12. On that day, and days following, we will have junior and senior leaders ready to give tours for our 9th graders (and other new students). We are committed to welcoming students with enthusiasm and helping them all feel at home here at McCallum. We are also very committed to maintaining our COVID protocols. I know how scary this can feel for students who have spent the last year learning from home.  We are working now to address some of the more anxiety-producing aspects of school – including ideas for lunchtime and hallway navigation.

There is no need to reach out to anyone to let us know your student is coming.  We are prepared for our students to come back.

Let’s come back to Mac!

Thank you,

Nicole Griffith