If you did not purchase a ticket yet ($5 t-shirt) and you want to go to GradKn19ht, please email julieziegelman@gmail.com asap! If you haven’t filled out the acknowledgment form, go to https://macgradwebsite.wixsite.com/redesign, and then “click here for signup form” in the middle of the page.

After Graduation at the Erwin Center, head back to McCallum. If you ride the shuttle buses, you’ll have door-to-door service from the Erwin Center to McCallum. We will start checking you in at the Mac cafeteria around 9:30 pm and will board the buses to Main Event once everyone is checked in.

GradKn19ht participants must ride the bus to Main Event and back to Mccallum. The pickup time will be at approximately 6:30 am on May 30th at the front of the school at McCallum.

The only thing you will be able to bring with you to Main Event is a clear bag/purse like the Erwin Center allows. You can bring a change of clothes with you (remember we will be giving you the shirt that you purchased) and change at Mccallum. We will check your extra stuff in at Mccallum and store it until we come back the next day.

Remember, GradKn19t is a lock-in and participants may not leave unless:
1) It is an emergency
2) Parent/guardian picks up (no older sibling)
3) GradKn19ht participants MUST check out before leaving

If you want to Rock Climb, save time by filling out this online form now: https://www.mainevent.com/play/rock-climbing.

Questions? Email julieziegelman@gmail.com

Thank you and Congratulations from the Project Graduation team