The good news is that MacJournalism continues to grow both in terms of its media platforms and, more importantly, the number of students participating in the program. The bad news is that the program is stretched very thin when it comes to having staff cameras, lenses and other equipment for our students to use.

At the time of this typing, we have seven working DSLR or mirrorless cameras (if you count the adviser’s personal camera) available for the 150 student journalists (34 in newspaper, 37 in yearbook and 81 in photojournalism) who need them. We try very hard not only to cover school and city events but also to support the other great programs at Mac with photographs when they need them.

If you are upgrading your personal DSLR or mirrorless camera, please consider donating your old working camera to MacJournalism. If you have any means by which we could upgrade or supplement our photography resources, please email Mr. Winter or DM us at our Instagram (@macjournalism), Facebook ( or Twitter accounts (@macstudentmedia).