Congratulations to our amazing contest participants and winners- AND thank you for being creative and making this a successful event. If you won a category, Mr. Martinez will reach out to you via email and ask for your address to send you a prize! Faculty/staff winners will get their prizes in their boxes later this week!

Student Contest Winners:
Best Overall Costume: Tristan Wicall as Simul Viator (Time Traveler)

Scariest Costume: Gage Sanchez as Voo-Doo Doll

Most Creative Costume: Zoe “River” Pena as Daft Punk

Funniest Costume/ Most Fun Costume: Lily Anderson as Dolly Parton

Best Socially Distant Household Ensemble (family group costumes or costumes with your pets and siblings): Alice Scott and Family as Daphne and the Scooby Doo Gang

Faculty/Staff Winners:
Faculty/Staff Best Overall Costume: Ms. Nikki Northcutt as Ms. Frizzle

Faculty/Staff Most Creative Costume: Officer Riley as Lego Cop

Special thanks to our 4 Ghoulish Faculty/staff judges are Ms. Ghostly Griffith, Mr. Werewolf Winter, Mr. “Afterlife” Anderson, Ms. Shadowy Smith AND Ms. “Skeleton” Seckar for breaking a tie in one category. We love you and thank you for your time! See you next year- Your Art Society (Art Honor Society and co-sponsors, Mr. S-Martinez and Ms. O’keefe