The Shield staff learned this week that it had won one of the three most prestigious scholastic journalism awards in the nation for the 2016-2017 school year: the George H. Gallup Award. Along with the NSPA Pacemaker Award and the CSPA Gold Crown Award, the Quill and Scroll Society’s Gallup Award represents one of the triple crown awards of scholastic journalism.

The Gallup Award recognizes the complete output of the staff, including the print newsmagazine, the online newsmagazine and MacJournalism’s social media.

“I am quite used to seeing online suffer from being second to print, or vice versa, but the program at McCallum is robust in both areas, which is a tribute to … the dedication and talent of the editors and staff,” said Jack Kennedy, the certified master journalism educator who evaluated the Shield’s submission for Quill and Scroll. “It appears that the staff is not really very large in numbers, but they more than balanced that with passion and hard work.”

The Shield received the superior marks in coverage and in writing and editing. The Shield last captured one of the three top journalism awards in 2010-2011 when it earned the NSPA Pacemaker Award. The school also won a Pacemaker Award in 2003-2004.