A new chapter of Young Men Service League is being formed in Austin, TX. YMSL is a national non-profit organization that brings together moms and their sons to pursue community service opportunities locally. You can get more information regarding YMSL at the following link: www.ymslnational.org.

The new chapter will be accepting boys who will be incoming freshman or sophomores as of Fall 2018 (no Juniors or Seniors). The chapter needs to be up and running by May 1, 2018, which is the official date membership will begin. Organizers want to recruit mothers and sons who not only want to be members in the organization, but also are willing to take positions as officers. Currently, there are 12 moms and 13 sons interested in forming this chapter. To form a chapter, at least 18 moms and 18 sons need to join. There are annual requirements for both attending meetings (e.g., 3 out of 6) and meeting community service hour requirements (20 service hours annually). Please reach out to Catherine DeLoof (Anderson HS mom) at cldeloof@hotmail.com if you are interested in joining.