From the December 10 AISD Family Newsletter:

One thing we’ve seen a lot of this past week is threats to our schools circulating on social media that turn out not to pose any danger to our students at all.

Why it matters:  Any threat to our students is our highest priority, and we investigate every single threat, so it’s important for you and your children to let us and your principal know immediately when you see something that’s a possible threat on social media.

  • But you should also know in the overwhelming majority of these cases, these threats are deemed non-credible, which means they don’t present any real threat.
  • We’ve had five such cases this week alone.

When we receive a report, Austin ISD police immediately investigate and make a determination with administration as to whether there’s a real threat.

  • For instance, if a student makes a threat, and police search the student and the house and don’t find any guns, and the student says they didn’t mean it, that would be a non-credible threat.
  • There could still be consequences for the student in accordance with our student code of conduct. Also, even if the threat made is unserious and bears no actual malice, making a terroristic threat is a crime and can lead to arrest and prosecution by other law enforcement agencies.

This isn’t just happening in Austin. We’ve heard reports across Texas and the nation about these threats.

The bottom line: If you see something on social media that could be a threat, don’t spread it. Immediately let your campus administration or district police know. The sooner we investigate, the sooner we can give the all-clear.