From the AISD website:

New CDC guidance means fewer students will need to quarantine under Austin ISD’s updated health protocols released Aug. 26.

What You Should know: Students do not have to quarantine if they were at least three feet away from students with COVID-19 while everyone was correctly and consistently wearing masks.

  • The masks must have fully covered the nose and mouth at all times during contact.

Why it Matters: In the first week of school, Austin ISD had 103 cases while surrounding school districts with fewer students had more. However, we had more than 500 students who had to quarantine, causing them to miss class time. Our health protocols are preventing infections, and under the new protocols, fewer students will need to quarantine.

Yes, but: This exception doesn’t apply to adults…

  • …but vaccinated adults don’t need to quarantine following a close contact.

You should also know: Someone who is quarantining can come back on the eighth day if the person has been symptom-free and receives a negative result.

  • The test with the negative result must have happened on or after the fifth day.

Dive Deeper: Read the updated health protocols on our website.