From the AISD website.

Austin ISD crews are replacing drinking fountains with water-bottle refilling stations across the district.

Why it matters: The filling stations are easier and more sanitary than traditional drinking fountains, which have been shut off since the start of the pandemic.

What you should know: In the meantime, if your school needs bottled water delivered, your principal can put in a service ticket, and a crew will bring cases to your campus.

By the numbers: Staff have replaced about 230 water fountains so far and are getting to 60 a week. Staff will be ordering and installing an additional 200 water bottle filling stations over the next several weeks to complete the full replacement.

  • For water bottle delivery, on average, most schools are getting about six cases per week. AISD staff will provide more based on campus needs.
  • Additionally, AISD will be providing refillable water bottles and distributing them as requested.