This year we will be holding two options for back to school.  Parents may choose to attend in-person or virtually.  Please do what feels best for you and your family.

VIRTUAL: Our virtual Back to School Knight will begin at 6:00PM with a Zoom community address. After the address, parents will be able to explore their student’s classrooms through pre-recorded videos by their teachers. You will be familiar with this format if you joined us last year for our virtual Back to School Knight. Here is the Zoom information for our Virtual Back to School Knight:
Meeting ID: 819 3933 5108
Passcode: MacBTS

IN-PERSON: Our in-person Back to School Knight will begin at 6:00PM in your student’s Round Table Advisory with a recorded community address. After Round Table we will ring the bells and go through the schedule from 1st to 8th periods. Parents will then have the opportunity to move from class to class and feel like you are in high school again!

For our IN-PERSON, please follow these instructions and schedule: We are looking forward to having you Back to School!

We wanted to focus on parents meeting teachers and we not be able to have the Booster/Club Fair, as we have in the past.

Please use your parent portal (Frontline SIS Self Serve) to view your student’s schedule. Please look for Advisory Class for the first class you’ll attend.

  • 6:20-6:27 – PERIOD 1
  • 6:32-6:39 – PERIOD 2
  • 6:44-6:51 – PERIOD 3
  • 6:56-7:03 – PERIOD 4
  • 7:08-7:15 – PERIOD 5
  • 7:20-7:27 – PERIOD 6
  • 7:32-7:39 – PERIOD 7
  • 7:44-7:53 – PERIOD 8

PE Classes, Boys’ Basketball, and Wrestling will meet in the Gym.

Blue Brigade, Football, Boys’ Soccer will meet in the Cafeteria.

Ms. Searle’s Health classes will meet in Portable P-10.

Girls’ Soccer will meet in Room 115.

Tennis will meet in P-4.

Swim Team will meet in the Auxiliary Choir Room.

Volleyball will meet in Room 107.

Cheerleading will meet in Room 117.

Softball will meet in Portable P-11.

Cross Country will meet in Room 121.

Girls’ Basketball will meet in the Gym.

Baseball will meet in Portable P-14.

We are looking forward to having you Back to School!