Over the break you should have received your child’s report card. This would have arrived electronically unless you chose otherwise when you registered your child at the beginning of the school year. You’ll notice that, for each class, the report card lists the percentage of time your student was physically in class according to the rules for the State. This information is listed in the second section under the section with grades. If your child passed a class, but was in class less than 90% of the time, then he/she needs to come meet with their Assistant Principal (see below) to find out how to make up their missed time. This can be done either through Saturday school or through keeping a (blue) tutoring log, which can be found in the office. You can also know that your child lost credit in a class due to attendance if in the last column in the grade section (credit) they received an “NC” where the .5 or 1 should be.

Speaking of attendance, although the spring semester is longer, it flies by just as quickly as the fall. Please encourage your child to keep an eye on their attendance. They can do this through their student cloud account. Students should check their attendance each Monday for the previous week. If something doesn’t look accurate, maybe they came late to a class and were marked absent or they were at the dentist and realize they forgot their note, then the student can quickly and easily fix their attendance. If they wait until the end of the semester before they check, then it’s much harder to get the corrections made. For seniors this is a particularly important semester to do this. If a senior loses credit in a class necessary for graduation and primarily has UNXes as their codes, although technically the student will still be in the Class of 2019, he/she will not walk the stage until August.

AP assignments by last name:
Ms. Sherline (A-Cn)
Mr. Baxa (Co-Hd)
Mr. Reyes (He-Me)
Mr. Featherstone (Mi-Sd)
Mrs. Stone (Se-Z)