ACC Fall registration opens June 8th for returning students , students who have ACC college credits. To register on opening day, you must have completed the Fall Google doc on under ACC Dual Credit.

ACC Fall registration for NEWBIES, those with NO ACC college credits, opens on June 15th. To be able to register on the opening day, students must have completed Steps 1-5 on the attached ACC Application Steps. NEWBIES include those students who are currently enrolling in a summer ACC Class, you have NOT earned an ACC college credit yet.

All ACC fall classes will be online, even those listed as McCallum classes. These classes will be reserved for McCallum students only. Once they are full, the class will be closed. Don’t wait, complete all the steps ASAP!

For a full list of Dual Credit classes go to under ACC Dual Credit and SSIG.

To find the Course Schedule for fall classes, go on and click on Course Schedule at the top of the web page. Be sure to look at the fall schedule located on the right side of the page.

Yes, summer registration is still open. There is a Summer I session and Summer II session, check the ACC Course Schedule for more info.

ACC High School Program Application