To Juniors and Seniors –

Recently, quite a few of you have come to me for help finding ACT and/or SAT test dates and for help with the registration process.  I thought it might be helpful for me to put it all in one place for you.  As always, please come to me for help. I am always happy to!

ACT Test Dates and Registration link, click HERE:

Feb 12 (LAST DAY to register WITHOUT a late fee is Friday, January 21)

April 2

June 11

July 16

SAT Test Dates and Registration link, click HERE:

March 12

April 13 (All Juniors at MAC will take this and there is no need to pay or register.  We offer it to all Juniors for free!)

May 7

June 4

Camille Nix, M.Ed.

College and Career Counselor
A.N. McCallum High School 
(512) 841-7315