Ages: 9 to 14 (Includes Incoming Freshmen)
When: July 16th – July 18th
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon (Everyday)
Where: Northwest Pony Field
What To Bring: Cleats, Gloves, Bats, Water
Cost: $60.00 Per Camper (includes T-Shirt – All Proceeds Go To McCallum High School Baseball)

Come improve your level of play by sharpening your skills in every aspect of the game. Learn how to compete at an elite level from the McCallum Varsity Baseball Coaches and Players. Sharpen your skills over the course of 3 days through learning, executing, and competing in the same drills the McCallum Knights use every week. Register by clicking here and be sure to bring this waiver form on the first day.