Hello MAC students and Parents,

Students, know that your teachers, administrators, and staff miss you greatly and are working hard to provide MAC HS, the Online version!   We hope that you are safe and that you know that your teachers love seeing you on their ZOOM sessions! Keep checking in on those sessions!

Below is the online class schedule that we will be following, which includes teachers’ “online” office hours. To download the schedule, click here.

Framework for Learning

All McCallum teachers will be posting materials for continuous learning in their respective BLEND courses. Students should log into their BLEND courses daily in order to stay informed of learning opportunities and to receive teacher feedback on their learning.

Because our students are experiencing a wide array of circumstances and learning environments, teachers will post one assignment per week per course. Teachers may engage with their students for online lessons/meetings/tutoring more often if they wish (more on that below). Advanced Academics such as Advanced Placement, UT On-Ramps, and ACC Dual Credit will have different expectations.

All instruction will be offered in an asynchronous format, meaning that for any course students may work on their own time if they choose. However, some teachers may also offer synchronous, or live, supplemental instruction, opportunities to collaborate or get feedback, class meetings, etc. in accordance with the following schedule. The purpose of the schedule below is to help students structure their day and prevent potential scheduling conflicts for optional synchronous lessons. However, please note that a student’s ability to complete an assignment will not be contingent on their ability to attend an online lesson.

Virtual Office Hours

Teachers and/or their PLC Teams will establish their own office hours in consideration of their personal household circumstances. Most teachers/teams will likely select times for tutoring and conferences during your child’s class periods indicated in the chart above or during the Monday through Thursday morning and afternoon virtual office hours windows. Teachers will not interface with students after 8 pm or before 8 am. Per teacher preference, office hours may be “open” using an online platform allowing students to “pop” in, or may be arranged by appointment. Teachers have been asked to post and communicate their protocol for virtual office hours to students and their families. In addition, teachers/staff will respond to emails within one business day.

Utilizing BLEND to Support Teaching, Learning and Communication

Here are some key things to know:

  • BLEND is our district’s version of Canvas LMS(Links to an external site), a tool that the University of Texas and other K-12 districts, colleges, and universities around the country are using to support instruction. This is why BLEND email/text notifications say “Canvas.”
  • Teachers are still getting comfortable with BLEND and are using it to varying degrees.
  • ALL Parents/Guardians have “Observer” access to BLEND. This means that when they click on BLEND through the portal or download and set up the Canvas mobile app, they will automatically be able to view any published content for their child’s courses.
  • Parents will ONLY be able to see individual responses and teacher feedback for their child, not for the entire class.
  • TEAMS is still the grade book of record. Parents should still access overall course grades through Self Serve, but if a teacher is using BLEND to grade individual assignments, parents can view those assignment grades in BLEND.
Parent Access to BLEND

These links will take parents to short screencasts that demonstrate what BLEND looks like from the parent “observer” view.

This link will direct parents to another BLEND course with very detailed information about how BLEND works. The course is available in English and Spanish.

ZOOM Meeting Tips for Students and Families

Zoom tutorials to help students, parents, and families prepare for April 6 launch date for online learning.

Advanced Coursework Updates
  • Dual Credit – ACC resumed classes on March 30 with classes administered online. All students who are in dual credit courses will be contacted to ensure they have the technology needed to continue their work.
  • Advanced Placement – The examinations will all be taken at home in the form of free-response essays or short-answer questions. The College Board is providing free video review lessons for students. Our teachers will also support students by providing online instruction.
  • UT OnRamps – The courses will restart on April 6. UT has adjusted the curriculum so students will be able to complete the coursework by the end of the semester. Our teachers will continue to support our students online. College credit will still be available for students.
College Examination Updates:
  • TSI – The examination must be taken in a certified testing site. There is an option for students to take the examination at home. The High School Office is investigating whether the option is viable.
  • SAT – The March and May examinations have been canceled. The June 6 SAT is still scheduled. Khan Academy will be available for all students to prepare for the examination.
  • ACT – The April examination has been canceled. The next scheduled exam is June 13, 2020.
We love you,

Brandi Hosack, Principal