Other Programs

Beyond the programs listed in the sidebar under PTSA, McCallum PTSA is involved in other activities on campus, including:

Excellence Fund

McCallum PTSA, through the Excellence Fund, provides an opportunity for all teachers who are members of PTSA to apply for funding assistance for academic-related expenses related to classroom supplies, technology, tutoring, field trips, and support of the fine arts.  The aim of this funding is to support quality and innovative teaching through academic support, experiential learning, the arts, and extracurricular activities which promote student engagement.
Consistent with the rich history of McCallum High School, PTSA seeks to ensure a balance of opportunity for all students.  Special consideration will be given to classes and programs which serve historically underrepresented and/or underserved students.
Priority will be given to requests which:

  • are academically related;
  • benefit broad numbers of students;
  • are complemented by existing fundraising efforts or resources; and
  • Focus on underrepresented groups or underserved students (e.g. special education, English as a Second Language).

The Excellence Fund is only made possible by the generous donations of PTSA supporters who donate to this cause. In 2013, it was decided that the proceeds earned from the yearly book fair at BookPeople would be earmarked to support the Excellence Fund.  Please consider donating additional funds to the Excellence Fund.

Partners in Education

Partners in Education is a program where PTSA seeks to form alliances with local businesses for the benefit of McCallum.  It could mean they donate money, goods, services, etc.  Many times Partners in Education works closely with the Excellence Fund to share resources. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact the committee chair, Robin Stone.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation can mean many things but one of the things it means for PTSA is providing several meals for the teachers and staff throughout the year.  This includes a back-to-school and end-of-year breakfast and many more meals in between.  Volunteers are needed for everything from helping set-up and serve to providing baked goods for dessert. If you would like to help out with any of these events, please contact Kimberely Hansen, Teacher Appreciation Chair. Sign-up lists will be coming soon for the following 2014/2015 Appreciation Meal dates: 8/19/14, 10/3/14, 11/7/14, 2/20/15, 4/17/15, 5/5/15.

Secret Pals

Secret Pals is a program that was developed to encourage parents and students to “adopt” a teacher or other staff member at McCallum and provide small treats throughout the year.  The goal is to be sure every one of these wonderful people who are instrumental in the success of the McCallum community to feel appreciated in some small way.  Secret Pals can select one or more persons to adopt and are asked to remain anonymous until the end of the year.  They are asked to provide their adoptee with small, inexpensive treats – notes, gift cards, baked goods, etc. – once a month for the duration of school.  Adoptees can be shared if the monthly commitment is too much for one family to undertake.  Secret Pals are usually provided an information sheet so they can get a sense of what their pal needs/likes.  Reminders are sent every month so it’s really very easy! Please contact Amy Chamberlain, the Secret Pal Coordinator if you are interested in adopting one or more Secret Pals!

Standardized Testing Treats

In addition to more formal meals mentioned as Teacher Appreciation, PTSA also provides snacks to teachers during standardized testing periods.  Many times teachers are in their classrooms for long periods of time during testing and can’t get away for a meal.  PTSA provides baked goods, fresh fruit, and other quick snacks that they can easily grab and head to their classrooms to help them keep their energy up.  It’s just another small way to show our appreciation.

Campus Improvement

A PTSA representative serves on the Campus Advisory Committee.  This committee acts in an advisory role to administration.

Other Programs:

  • Healthy Teens/Alcohol Awareness
  • Help with school dances (volunteers, planning, publicity)
  • Awards Ceremony (present scholarships)
  • Foundation Liaison
  • Austin Council PTA Liaisons

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