Grocery Card Program

Please be sure to use the updated order form when planning your next order!

Participating in the McCallum Grocery Card Program as an EASY way to support your school! Everyone buys groceries so why not help out at the same time?!

  • Great for personal use or to give as gifts. Secret Pals would love these AND you can use the HEB cards to buy OTHER gift cards.
  • Boosters & Clubs: Use the cards to buy for parties, concessions, game supplies, etc.
  • Teachers & Staff: Use for class parties, staff lunches, personal use, etc.
  • Friends & family: Anyone can take part in this program.

How does it work? Order a designated amount of grocery gift cards each month from PTSA – tell us how many HEB $100 cards you would like. PTSA places an order for those cards at a discount of 3% – 5%. When the cards arrive, PTSA sends them out to you with another order form for the following month.

HELP GRAD KNIGHT: 15% of the profits ($2000 minimum) of each order year (May 1 – April 30) will be donated to the current year’s GradKnight Celebration. Example: 15% of the profits made from orders placed May 1, 2014 – April 30, 2015 will be donated to the 2015 GradKnight Celebration. If for whatever reason, 15% of the profits do not equal at least $2000, then a minimum donation of $2000 will still be made.

To enroll, simply complete the order form and mail it with your check (made out to McCallum PTSA) for the value of the cards ordered. To save time and postage, you can even write a series of postdated checks for the entire years’ order. (The checks will not be deposited until the grocery cards are ordered each month.) Questions? Take a look at our FAQs.  Other questions? contact:

Book Fair at BookPeople

PTSA sponsors a week-long book fair at BookPeople where you can find all of your required and recommended books for English in one place.  By taking the special flyer you receive at the beginning of school (or you can download from this site) to the cashier when you check-out, you are earning PTSA 20% of your purchases made during our special week.  This 20% not only includes the books on the list but ANY purchases you make in the store, with the exception of café items and gift certificates.  To make your shopping even easier, BookPeople will have all the books on the list in one place on a special “McCallum” table so be sure to look for the signs.  If for some reason they run out of a book on the list, you can special order that title AND still earn the 20% for McCallum.  Why not ease your shopping while helping PTSA AND supporting a local business?! All of the proceeds earned by McCallum will go directly into the Excellence Fund which finances requests made by McCallum teachers and staff for items not covered by AISD funding.

2018 BookPeople flyer and Book List (pdf)

Be a Good Neighbor – Randall’s Good Neighbor Program

The next time you’re at Randall’s, pick up a Remarkable Card application at the courtesy booth to fill out and link your card to our MAC account. Randall’s will pay us a percentage of our account total, so be sure to use your card every time you shop.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family that they too can help MAC by linking their Randall’s Remarkable card to Account number – #711.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I pay for the card with a credit card?
No, sorry we can’t process payments through a credit card. Checks only please.

If I buy a card for HEB, can I use it at Central Market?

Can anyone in the family use the card?Do you have to sign for purchases?
Anyone can use the card. It’s like a gift certificate. The card can be used until the amount pre-purchased is exhausted.

Do I have to be a parent of a McCallum student to participate?
No.  Anyone – friend, co-worker, neighbor, extended family – can participate in the grocery card program.

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