Things all McCallum parents should know:

  1. This WEBSITE will answer most of your questions about the school. Go to our home page at and mark it as a favorite. It is your link to all information about McCallum High School.
  2. The MACKNIGHTLY weekly email newsletter brings you the most current news in a timely fashion. To subscribe, go to the bottom of any page on this web site and add in your information. Watch for a confirmation email and click the button in the email to confirm your subscription.  Check your spam folder if you don’t start receiving newsletters. If you are having trouble with subscribing, or still aren’t getting newsletters, contact Note that all articles published in the MacKnightly are also posted in our News section.
  3. Follow us on social media! Follow McCallum on Facebook (PTSA) and Twitter (administration).  Follow MacJournalism (student publications) on Instagram and Facebook. Also follow the Fine Arts Academy on Facebook (group) and Instagram.  Follow MACares on Facebook. To be notified of upcoming plays and musicals from MacTheatre, join this email listIf you are a Google Calendar user, you may subscribe to the school calendar.
  4. Join the PTSA!
  5. Watch the MacKnightly Newsletter emails at the beginning of the school year to sign up to be a Secret Pal to a McCallum staff member!
  6. Encourage your child to GET INVOLVED. McCallum is a big school. Joining an organization makes it smaller. Encourage your child to listen to the announcements to hear about different clubs, organizations, and meetings. You can find a list of clubs and organizations here. Clubs and activities are varied. There is something for everyone!
  7. MAKE SURE YOU ARE INVOLVED! Now’s not the time for parents to walk away from their child’s school. Your kids need you more than ever and McCallum High School needs you more than ever. Contact the PTSA, the booster organizations of any activities your child is involved in, and/or watch the MacKnightly for opportunities to volunteer. You’ll be glad you did!


Volunteer Opportunities for Parents: 

Gift Card Donations Needed for MACares

This year, many of the community agencies that our LMHP, Bree Borgsteadt, LCSW-S, typically relies on for supporting our families are not operating as usual, leaving many families with additional needs. So, we are asking our amazingly supportive community for any...

Notice of McCallum CAC (Community Advisory Council) Monthly Meeting

The McCallum CAC (Community Advisory Council) will be having its next meeting of the year on Monday, Oct. 5 at 5:30pm on Zoom. Agendas for the meetings can be found here: Our dates for the...

There’s Still Time to be a Secret Pal to a Mac Teacher/Staff Member

Update: There is still time to adopt a Mac secret pal! Please consider being a Mac Pal to a teacher/staff. The teachers need it now more than ever! For treats, we are currently utilizing all e-gifts, mailed gifts and emailed notes. Preferences are sent to you after...

Mac Guitar Program Instrument Donation Drive

If you or someone you know has an extra guitar (preferably nylon classical) lying around, please consider donating it to a McCallum Guitar Program. While the program already has a few dozen guitars to sign out, we are in need of more to accommodate the move virtual...

August 17 is MAC Band day at Phil’s Ice House and Amy’s Ice Cream on Burnet Rd.

All McCallum families, staff, and teachers are invited to help our wonderful MAC Band and local community on Aug. 17 by ordering food and treats at the Burnet Rd. location of Phil’s Icehouse and Amy’s Ice Cream (5620 Burnet Rd) from 11 am-9 pm. When you order in...