Freshman Transition Timeline

This Transition Timeline helps students know what to expect as they transition from middle school to high school.

Freshman Forms

Each Incoming Freshman must complete 2 forms:

  • Incoming Freshman Choice sheet plus
  • Endorsement Declaration Form.

Most students will get their Choice Sheet and Declaration Form from their counselor. If lost or not received, print a generic choice sheet or generic declaration form here.

Every incoming freshman will begin on the Multidisciplinary Endorsement.

Step-by-Step Process

STEP 1. INCOMING FRESHMAN CHOICE SHEET: Print a copy of the 2016-17 CHOICE SHEET. Begin selection process for core classes. AISD offers some classes at other campuses. Find those offerings here.

If you play a sport or will be in the band, you can find summer training, camps and tryout information here.

STEP 2: Endorsement Form (four-year plan):  Please print a copy of the Endorsement Form. Use this make your four-year plan.

STEP 3: Freshman class recommendations for endorsement: Pick the FIRST class of your intended Endorsement, such as ART 1 or Audio Visual Production. Even though Incoming Freshman will all begin on the MULTIDISCIPLINARY Endorsement, they may select a recommended 9th grade class from any endorsement. During their freshman year, McCallum counselors will meet with all 9th graders. At that time, students and parents can change/update their Endorsement selection.

STEP 4: ENDORSEMENT CLASSES FOR 9-12:  To continue filling out your four-year plan, add in 10th through 12th grade endorsement classes to the Endorsement form (Four-year Plan).

STEP 5: NAVIANCE INSTRUCTIONS. You and your student can print the instructions to log into his/her NAVIANCE account. McCallum counselors will walk Kealing, Lamar and Fulmore Middle School students through the input process during middle school visits. For all other students, please log in and complete the forms. If you have any questions, contact McCallum at (512) 414-2519.

STEP 6: NAVIANCE FOR McCALLUM: This link will take you directly to the NAVIANCE website login page for McCallum.

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