McCallum families, alumni, and community members,

We need your help. The faculty at McCallum is working diligently to find creative and necessary solutions to continue to instill the rigorous practices of the arts during our time of remote learning due to Covid-19.

Over the last 9 years of teaching at McCallum, Ms. Wiley, Piano and Music Theory teacher, has noticed a need for temporary home use keyboards for the students who do not have access to a piano or keyboard at home. This ongoing issue has now been amplified due to our current online learning situation.

In order to continue to teach students to play the piano, improve sight reading, and instill technique (rather than just online music theory concepts), the McCallum Fine Arts Academy is asking for sponsorships to purchase practice keyboards for the students who do not have a piano at home. Our goal is to add 50 new keyboards to improve access for our MAC students.

These keyboards will be signed out and returned at the end of the year so that they will continue to be used in the years to come. The keyboards are 61 keys, standard key size, and lightweight. The cost of each keyboard is approx. $75 and can be found on amazon.

Consider donating a keyboard today.

If you and your family are willing to sponsor a keyboard(s), please contact Sarah (Kate) Wiley and Heather Ramsay at, Should you have a used keyboard that you are willing to donate to our program, please let us know as well.

Thank you for your ongoing support in the arts!

Kate Wiley
Heather Ramsay
McCallum Fine Arts Academy