Royale Theatre Society Check Request Form

The RTS treasurer will review all submissions.

MacTheatre Royale Theatre Society Check Request Form

  • Name or organization the check should be written to.
  • Address: Indicate the address where the check will be mailed (vendor address for direct payments, your address for recimbursement checks).
  • Receipt Upload

    Attach all relevant receipts and indicate which items (circle/star/underline) are RTS expenses if there are non-reimburseable items on the receipt. Maximum file size is 1 MB per receipt.
  • Person requesting that the check be written.
  • Date Needed: Only specify a date when the check is to be issued directly to a vendor with a specific invoice DUE DATE. Otherwise all checks will be issued “next payment date”.
  • For expenses related to an invoice, please note the invoice number in this field.
  • Total amount of all receipts submitted
  • If we are only reimbursing you for certain items on your receipt(s), please circle/star those items before submitting pictures and also provide explanation below.

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