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Thank you Roi James!

roijamescheckOn January 13, 2011, Roi James presented a check to the McCallum Fine Arts Academy faculty and students. The students expressed such gratitude in return and presented a large thank-you card signed by the visual arts students which will hang in his studio as a source of inspiration.

Roi James’ donates $11,500 to Visual Arts Department of MFAA

On December 11, 2010, Austin Artist Roi James held a benefit fundraiser in which half of the proceeds were to be given to the Visual Arts at McCallum Fine Arts Academy, and also micro financing for third-world entrepreneurship. Art works offered for sale ranged from neoclassic figurative and landscape oil paintings, to more recent abstract works, and encompassed a time frame in his career of of 15 years.

Prices of James’ paintings were reduced up to 50% to encourage purchases for the causes. At the end of the night, $15,500.00 had been raised with $11,500.00 going to the McCallum Fine Arts Academy Visual Arts Program and $4000.00 to The artist was elated with the results and that the gift would be significant enough to make a meaningful impact for the two charities. James was invited to the January Academy Open House to meet our student artists and faculty and give them an opportunity to thank him for his generous contribution. About the benefit, Mr. James shared the following:


Q. What was the inspiration for the show?
I was in the midst of doing work on creating flow within my life and I realized I had a great deal of paintings which I was no longer showing but were still very beautiful and marketable. And also, I had reached a place in my career where I felt tremendous gratitude for my success and felt a need to contribute to both the local and international community in some meaningful way. Both these elements came together in the benefit in flowing this body of work out of my studio and using part of the proceeds to give to the community.

Q. How did you find out about McCallum Fine Arts Academy?
I was discussing my desire to do a benefit with a friend whose daughter attends the McCallum Fine Arts Academy. She described the academy to me and I immediately felt it was a fit for what I wanted to do. 

Q. What made you choose visual arts department for such a generous gift?
I’m a visual artist so it is that part of the art world which has been so generous and giving to me. I strongly believe in rewarding the places where I experience the fruition of success. I also see creativity as an important element in everyone’s life and want to use my energy in encouraging and producing it in this world,–it’s like watering a healthy plant so that it can become healthier. So in the academy, I see a place that is nurturing creativity in young people who can then experience it’s nourishment and provide it to the world. I feel grateful that McCallum has been a stand for creativity in it’s students in such a very strong way and I want to send a big “Yes” out in response to it’s efforts.


“Simply Beautiful”
These words are those most often used to describe the work of Roi James (above). His paintings of transcendent landscapes, mystical figure portraits, and meditative abstracts all acknowledge James to be a painter who is continually exploring and refining his technique. The diversity of his styles and the fluency in which he paints reveal that innate ability often described as a gift, but which is truly the result of a deep conviction and dedication towards his creative expression.

You can learn more about Roi James at

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