Fine Arts Academy

Dance Strand Mission


  • I Our Mission is to inspire young artists to become inspiring artists themselves. The McCallum High School Fine Arts Academy Dance Department strives to prepare each student for a collegiate experience in some form of dance and performance. We wish to not only prepare our students for a college education in dance and performance, but to also provide them with the necessary materials to confidently enter a professional career in the world of dance.
  • II As most of our dance majors come into the department with a movement style preference, we encourage them to branch away from their norm to study the different genres dance has to offer. We expect our dancers to leave with a broad range of movement capabilities and with the understanding that the evolution of dance is the slow fusing all genres of dance.
  • III Enforcing a “learning how to learn” curriculum allows our dance majors to visually recognize patterns of movements as they see it performed. we believe if a dancer can immediately grasp movement through observation, the dancer can then focus on the intellectual movement possibilities that will eventually enhance the performance quality. This process physically teaches a dancer to learn and retain quickly which is expected of all professional dancers.
  • IV We believe that Dance is an art form that requires its students to train their bodies and minds towards Problem solving, Critical Thinking, Community Building, and Cultural Awareness.

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