Fine Arts Academy

Dance Curriculum

mac-opening4Program Levels

  • Dance I: Beginning
  • Dance II: Beginning-Intermediate *
  • Dance III/IV: Intermediate-Advanced *
  • Dance IV: Advanced *

*Any class above Dance I requires teacher approval for level placement.

Basic Class Requirements

  • Meets every day M-F
  • 50 minute class period- 5 minutes to dress out and 5 minutes at the end of class to dress back into school clothes, leaving a total of 40 minutes of class time for warm-up and technique instruction
  • Must dress for class each day- attire depends on technique studying.


mac-opening5Dance Curriculum Includes:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Improvisation/Choreography (advanced classes only)
  • Dance Conditioning
  • Social Dance
  • Movement Theory
  • Dance History
  • Applied Anatomy and Kineseology

Dance students are responsible for purchasing their own dance attire. Some local merchants may offer a 20% discount to McCallum HS students. {Ask the dance teacher about this prior to making purchases.}

Additional Class Requirements

dance2010-006All dance majors, as well as, students in advanced dance classes, are required to participate in both the fall and spring performances, including after-school practices and dress rehearsals. Because of limited class time, which is devoted primarily to technique, after-school dance practice is mandatory in order to perfect dances.

Students and parents will be provided an after-school rehearsal schedule and students will be expected to be present at all rehearsals unless prior arrangements are made with the dance teacher. A contract will be provided that explains the commitment expectations per show for both student and parents to sign.

Students in Dance Levels I and II who are not dance majors are welcome to participate in the dance shows by audition. A contract will be provided with guidelines for rehearsal schedules and other show information that both the student and parent/guardian commit to with their signatures.

Dance Majors are required to pay a Majors Fee. In addition, all dancers in either show are required to pay a show fee $25 per semester show fee.

Dance Course Descriptions

Level I: Intro to Dance: A History Lesson: offers a braod overview – predominately non majors for PE/Fine Arts Credit.

Level II: Intermediate Dance: continues the overview – predominately non majors for PE/Fine Arts credit

Level II/II: Non-Majors Advanced Dance: continues the overview of various genres at a quicker pace specially designed for the Level III dancer or the advanced Level II dancer – predominately non majors for PE/Fine Arts credit.

Level III/IV: Majors Intermediate Contemporary Jazz/Hip Hop Technique: is intended for students who are pursuing a Major’s status in the Dance Academy – instructor approval required, predominately dance majors.

Level III/IV: Majors Advanced Ballet/Modern Technique: intended for students who are persuing a Major’s status in the Dance Academy – instructor apporval required, predominately dance majors.