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Cinematic Arts

“If we give all of our kids the best opportunities and technology and resources, there’s no telling what they’ll create – now and the years ahead.”

President Obama

44th President, United States of America

McCallum High School’s Cinematic Arts is a four-year, script-to-screen program where students explore the creative and technical aspects of moving images and production. Cinematic Arts Majors are presented with numerous opportunities to participate in the aspects of film with renowned teachers and working professionals in the field. Students will write, cast, edit, and produce their own films.

Throughout their curriculum in the Cinematic Arts program, students will learn skills that pique their interest and prepare them for careers in the film industry. Whether moving on to college film programs, technical schools, or straight to industry, Cinematic Arts students develop skills like storytelling, editing, and technology fluency that prepare them for the next level in their academic or professional development.


Rogers, Ken
Career & Technology Education, Cinematic Studies 512 414-0967

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