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Cinematic Arts

McCallum High School’s Cinematic Arts is an award winning, four-year, script-to-screen program where students explore the creative and technical aspects of moving images and production. Cinematic Arts Majors are presented with numerous opportunities to participate in the aspects of film. Students will write, cast, edit, and produce their own films.

Cinematic Arts students will learn skills that pique their interest and prepare them for careers in the film industry. Whether moving on to college film programs, technical schools, or straight to industry, Cinematic Arts students develop skills like storytelling, editing, and technology fluency that prepare them for the next level in their academic or professional development.

Our hands-on approach to teaching and project based curriculum is designed to reflect the real-world environment while encouraging students to explore their own creative passions using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Cinematic Arts Curriculum Includes

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  • Screenwriting
  • Storytelling
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • Visual Effects
  • Intro to Graphic Design
  • Intro to Animation



Cinematic Arts Projects

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Music Video
  • Noir Film
  • Linear and Nonlinear Story Telling
  • Documentary
  • Experimental Film
  • Film as Art

Course Descriptions

Audio Video Productions 1: Students are introduced to basic storytelling and screenwriting techniques, production planning, storyboards, basic editing skills, camera and lighting techniques.
Audio Video Productions 2: Students are introduced to advanced screenwriting, advanced lighting techniques and to the world of the grip. Various projects are designed to increase skills in lighting, camera, editing, and storytelling.
Practicum 1: Students will create four 5 minute film projects for competition as well as begin work on their Capstone project; writing a business plan, film package, and production plan for a twenty minute film that will be shot in their senior year. They will also hold casting calls for this project.
Practicum 2: Students will create a 5 minute film for competition along with their 20 minute Capstone project. Students have the opportunity to earn scholarship credits as they get real-world experience working with clients on class projects such as shooting McCallums fine arts shows, commercial work for outside clients, and shooting outside events.


Rogers, Ken
Career & Technology Faculty, Cinematic Arts Faculty

Toom 110 (Lab)

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