I wanted to share some updates on several areas:

HVAC Update

Many people have expressed their concerns about the issues with our HVAC system. I wanted to provide you with some follow up details regarding this pressing topic. This summer, the main control system and thermostats have been replaced with a new modernized system. All chillers are being serviced and one of the backup pumps is being replaced. The HVAC team has been tasked with checking every unit at McCallum to ensure all units are functioning properly. In addition, AISD has assigned a designated mechanical technician to our campus who will be able to respond rapidly should a problem arise during the upcoming school year. During the summer of 2021, every pipe in the system is scheduled to be replaced to ensure the entire HVAC system functions more efficiently. I am very hopeful, and we all feel this will make a huge difference at McCallum.

Mac Goes Virtual – Starting August 18

Starting Aug. 18, we will be holding classes virtually. We are working hard to ensure we provide engaging online instruction. We’ve put together a smart and flexible team of teachers representing each department. Their objective is to collaborate across disciplines to design a student-friendly approach to online learning. In addition, we will be holding parent sessions through Zoom to show you how to navigate from your end. The goal is to make this a seamless and engaging experience for students. We are also brainstorming ways to keep our students connected to McCallum and their peers. 

Plan for Face to Face – Starting after Sept. 7

The current (and dynamic) plan is this: Beginning on Sept. 8, students will attend school either 100% online or 100% in-person. Parents will have the opportunity to choose what is right for their student and family. I know everyone is very curious to know how this will look at McCallum, and you may be waiting to hear from us before making your decision.  We are working with district leaders to assess guidelines and policies in order to create a plan that will work at McCallum. I want to be sure we have thought through all the details carefully. Please know our number one priority in making decisions is the safety of our students and staff. We will communicate the face-to-face plan in more detail during the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to ensure all systems are functioning at McCallum High School.


Nicole Griffith
Interim Principal