Post-holiday, COVID-19 testing is almost here! We are looking forward to providing this valuable resource to our students, staff and families. The Department of Health Services wanted to make sure to answer some frequently asked questions. For dates, times and locations, see our original post.

How much does testing cost?

Testing is completely FREE.

Am I still able to register for testing?

Yes. Registration will be open until 7 p.m. today, Tuesday, Dec. 1. Please sign-up using one of the following links:

English Registration Link:
Spanish Registration Link:

Will I have to wait in line at a testing site?

While the testing process only takes a few minutes, there may be a wait time and lines, depending on location and the time selected. If you are worried about a line and want a more efficient overall testing process, we recommend signing up for testing at one of the following, smaller testing locations: Dobie Middle School, Mendez Middle School and Travis Early College High School.

How long does testing take?

The entire testing process itself at a testing station takes about 5-7 minutes. However, there could be a wait time with lines at testing sites.

I am an on-campus AISD employee. Can my non-AISD family members get tested with on-site testing at Northeast Early College High School or Burger Stadium?

No. On-site, family testing through Austin Public Health is reserved for families of students. However, staff can sign up at a nearby APH testing site to get their family members tested. To make it easier, we recommended signing up for a testing time at APH to drive over right after getting tested at an AISD testing site.

How will I receive my results?

If you test positive, you will be contacted the same day of testing, via phone call, with your test result. If you test negative, you will not be contacted the same day of testing with your test result. All individuals who get tested will receive their test results within 48 hours, via email and text, with the email and phone number listed on the consent form.

Can I wait on-site for my test results?

In order to reduce traffic build-up, individuals will not be able to wait on-site for their results. Individuals will receive their results, via email and text, within 48 hours, whether positive or negative. Individuals that test positive will also receive a phone call the same day.

If I am working or learning on campus, but do not attend school or work at one of the testing sites, can I still get tested, even though it is not my home campus?

Yes. The testing sites are open to ALL in-person students and staff, regardless of their home campus. You may select any of the testing sites.

Can I wait until next week when campuses reopen to get tested?

Testing on campuses is by appointment-only with health room staff. If staff or students want post-holiday testing, they need to register at one of the mass testing sites.

Is testing required for me to return to campus next week?

No, testing is not required of staff or students. Testing is strongly recommended for those who are showing COVID-19 symptoms, have had close contact with someone that is positive or showing symptoms for COVID-19, or recently traveled for the holidays.

Will I need to get out of the car during testing? Will you accept walk-ups? 

Testing is drive-thru only. No one will be permitted to exit their vehicle, and walk-ups are not accepted.

If I decide at the last minute to get tested and was not able to register, am I able to still access testing?

Yes. Dobie Middle School (North) and Mendez Middle School (South) will be accepting individuals who were not able to register for testing. Drop-in days and times are on Thursday and Friday between 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

Does testing hurt, and is it a nasopharyngeal swab?

No, testing will not hurt, and it is not a naseopharyngeal swab. Testing is painless and will use a simple, nasal swab to collect the specimen.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to the Department of Health Services at