The McCallum HS Fine Arts Academy is proud to formally announce the inaugural class of Academy Ambassadors for this year! They are: Acting: Anna McGuire & Tristan Tierney; Band: Lily McCormick & Jimmy Reyes; Choral Studies: Tryston Davis & Hannah Young; Cinematic Arts: Aly Candelas & William Magnuson; Classical Guitar: Lilly Ponce; Collaborative Piano: Pedro Najar; Dance: Ruby Dietz & Abigail Richter; Orchestra: Adrian Jackson & Pablo Kennedy; Technical Theatre: Sarah Kay Stephens; and Visual Arts: Charlie Holden & Ethan Shackelford.

The purpose of the Ambassador program is to invite and engage our upper level students’ participation in Academy programs and events. Already this year, the Ambassadors served as student leaders for our new student orientation. Each one of them thoughtfully, enthusiastically, and authentically shared the knowledge and experiences that have made them successful as MAC Knights. While representing and supporting new students in their majors is part of the position, the Academy Ambassadors will also be advocating and educating prospective students about McCallum and the Fine Arts. These seniors are terrific examples of the excellence within of all of our MAC students. If you encounter any of the Ambassadors, please congratulate them for their efforts.