Dear Mac Families,

I am writing with a few items:

  • Feedback Survey for Beginning of School Feedback
  • Further Information for the Next Phase (Oct. 5 – Oct. 30)
  • AISD Survey for Next Phase

Survey for Beginning of School Feedback

We’d like your feedback!  Please fill this feedback survey out so we know how we are doing. We want to make this time work for students and educators. Your feedback will help.  Please note: I am emailing a student feedback form to students to fill out as well.

The Next Phase

From October 5 – October 30, we will begin welcoming students back to our campus for in-person learning. We will have four weeks to phase into in-person. During this time period (Oct. 5 – Oct. 30), the intentional phase-in of more students to on-campus learning will occur if health conditions continue to indicate that we can do so in a safe and healthy way for staff and students.

We want to make sure you understand how in-person learning will work.  Please take a look at our Reopening Infographic to understand “Learning Groups” at McCallum. I’ve also provided some bulleted points below to help answer questions.

What will in-person learning look like at McCallum?

  • 100% of instruction will still be delivered online through BLEND, Zoom, and other online platforms. Students will follow the same remote schedule we have now.
  • Students will be assigned to a “learning group” with 6-9 other students. While on campus, students will not be rotating classes. There will be no large gatherings.
  • Students will be attending their synchronous Zoom classes while wearing headphones and staying in their “learning group.”
  • All staff and students on campus will follow a strong regimen of hand hygiene, masking, and social distancing. Per CDC guidance, our goal is 6 feet social distance whenever feasible.
  • Brain breaks during asynchronous sessions and lunch breaks will be provided. This could include outside breaks when possible. Meals will be served in the classroom, not the cafeteria. Students will not be allowed off campus for lunch.
  • Teachers and/or teaching assistants will be with a learning group for monitoring, but all lessons will still be delivered online. Teachers will be teaching their own remote classes; they will not be teaching the students who are in their classroom.
  • The total number of students allowed on campus will be based on the results of our parent survey and will not exceed 25% of our building capacity. This number includes adults and students in the building.

Why the AISD family survey is important

AISD sent a survey out to all our families to gather preferences for learning. The two choices are 1) in-person (same as hybrid) or 2) remote learning. McCallum will combine the in-person and hybrid responses to determine the number of “learning groups” on site. We need everyone’s participation in the survey so we are able to plan for this next phase.
The main goal of the survey is to support your choice for your child. We know you will base your decision on the health of your student and family. Remote learning will continue to be robust. If you chose 100% remote learning, students will not miss out.

You can learn more about the phase-in process here.

IMPORTANT: Please take a moment to take the AISD Survey if you haven’t already.

If you would like to change your mind –


  • Send us the message by briefly filling out this quick survey (we’re not sure how long it’s taking the survey folks to update).

As always, thank you for your continued support of McCallum.


Nicole Griffith
Interim Principal
McCallum High School

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