To our entire McCallum Community:As much as I have tried, there is not a letter I could write or a message I could formulate that would adequately capture my thoughts and feelings in regards to the unrest we are experiencing as a global society. So, I have decided to stop trying.

Let me explain:

A letter that promises to disavow racist rhetoric and dismantle inequitable practices means absolutely nothing if our actions don’t back it up. So rather than try to untangle my thoughts enough to convey McCallum’s stance, I will focus on my actions as a leader and our actions as an entire school community. This article captures this exact notion:

We began our learning journey toward antiracism this year, both with staff and with our student leadership team. We will continue the journey in 20-21, diving deeper into the work so that our intentions, language, actions, and outcomes align.

Sending you all a tremendous amount of love,

Brandi Hosack

To see the rest of Principal Hosack’s message, which contains a lot of information, please click here.