We are so happy to have you on campus. This year we are including 10th graders (and new
11th/12th graders) due to last year being mostly online. Our orientation is designed for incoming freshman normally, but for this year we have added a sophomore component with the
understanding that many of our 10th graders have not stepped foot on our campus. This
orientation will allow our students an opportunity to get familiar with student life at McCallum HS before the Fall Semester begins. REGISTER HERE.

Wednesday, August 4th – For Sophomores and 11th/12th Grade newcomers
Session 1: 9:05 – 11:35a (No buses)
Session 2. 1:00 – 3:30p (No buses)

Thursday, August 5th – Freshman ONLY!
Session 1: 9:05 – 11:35a (Buses will pick-up)
Session 2: 1:00 – 3:30p (No buses)

(Fine Arts Academy Orientations will be from 12-1:00p on both days)

We have two different days for our different audiences. Wednesday, August 4th is only for
incoming 10th graders and new-to-McCallum 11th and 12th graders. Thursday, August 5th is only
for Freshman.