Congratulations to our amazing students and their teachers for earning visual art accolades at the 2020 Scholastic Art Awards. Gold Key pieces will advance to National adjudication in New York City. National medalists will be announced on March 16, 2020.

Five American Visions Nominee awards are announced each year as “Best in Show.” We are proud to say that McCallum students earned 3 of the 5 American Vision Nominee Awards this year.

A reception and ceremony will take place on Sunday Jan. 26, 2020 in the Scanlan Gallery at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School located at 6500 St. Stephen’s Drive, 78746. The reception is from 1-3:30 pm, with the ceremony starting at 1:30. Only Gold pieces will be on exhibit in the gallery. Students who receive a Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention will be announced for each area school. The public is invited, but seating is limited.

William Cauthern, Andrew Cooke, Ana O’Keefe, Jeff Seckar-Martinez and Carey West

American Vision Nominees:
Ella Glass- photography
Carter Cordes- painting
Mia Gomez- sculpture

Gold Key Awards:
Isabelle Evans, Heron’s Eye, Printmaking
Grace Evans, Room, Printmaking
Gabby Sherwood, Sinking, Printmaking
Ella Glass, Let it Grow, Photography
Kylie Simmons, Leaf on Water, Photography
Malik Vieux, Bathroom Dreams, Photography
Carter Cordes, You’ve Been Warned, Painting
Carter Cordes, Dionysus, Painting
Valentina Paredes, In a Trance, Painting
Valentina Paredes, Fragmented Perception, Painting
Fiona Wyrtzen, Enlightened, Drawing and Illustration
Mia Gomez, Butterfly Effect, Sculpture
Benjamin Juenger, Avian Official, Sculpture
Stephanie Roothaan, Mother, Sculpture
Nicholas Wheat, Dillo, Ceramics and Glass

Silver Key Awards:
Ruby Borden, Gee-Tar, Printmaking
Cassandra Hartle, Holding onto Flourescence, Printmaking
Cassandra Hartle, Lava Lamp Lady, Printmaking
Skye Hospod, Blinded, Printmaking
Andrea Paredes, Las Aves, Printmaking
Reia Williams, World Tour, Printmaking
Carter Rothenflue, Rose, Photography
Nicholas Wheat, Symmetrics, Photography
Marisa Goodson, Teeth, Painting
Skye Hospod, Blind Faith, Painting
Gwen Park-Merkert, Playscape, Drawing and Illustration
Mason Shakelford, Water Falling of Face, Painting
Guadalupe Najar, Consumption, Sculpture
Peter Protzmann, Push Pull, Ceramics and Glass

Honorable Mention Awards:
Emily Arndt, RuBba duB DuB, Printmaking
Grace Milligan, Indulge, Printmaking
Gabby Sherwood, Serpentine Serenity, Printmaking
Sierra Winter, Grow With Time, Printmaking
Calliope Camorlinga, Another World, Drawing and Illustration
Ava Doyle, Red Heron, Drawing and Illustration
Ava Drew, Skin and Bones, Drawing and Illustration
Cassandra Hartle, Sour Weather, Painting
Guadalupe Najar, East Side Memorial, Painting
Valerie Thompson, General Anxiety, Painting
Sorcha Wilson, Liam, Painting
Peter Protzmann, Tubular, Ceramics and Glass
Braden Roeder, Flows Lightly, Sculpture

Art Portfolio distinctions:
Sydney Buford, Harmony in Destruction, Silver Key Art Portfolio
Skye Hospod, Rites of Passage, Honorable Mention Art Portfolio
Carter Cordes, Dramatic Expression: A Study of Gender, Honorable Mention Art Portfolio
Sara Milliken, Familiar Faces, Honorable Mention Art Portfolio
Benjamin Juenger, Hybrids, Honorable Mention Art Portfolio
Holden Ott, Life’s Reaches, Honorable Mention Art Portfolio
Bella Rothenflue, Liminal Space, Honorable Mention Art Portfolio