A huge congratulations to everyone who participated in the Regional Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) on Saturday, Feb. 28. A lot of hours and work went into creating, preparing, and participating in the event. State VASE will take place at San Marcos HS on April 25, 2020.

Thanks to all of the teachers who also put their time and effort in preparing our amazing students: Mr. Cauthern, Mr. Cooke, Ms. O’Keefe, Mr. Seckar-Martinez, and Ms. West- a great team.

Austin ISD had 89 pieces accepted, and 37 are from McCallum! Great Job Knights!

AND NOW, Drumroll please…

Our 2020 VASE State Qualifiers:

Teagan Boyd- Future for Sale
Carter Cordes- AirWaves
Sahara Cumberbatch- Gold Mind
Ava Dapper- Lost
Risa Darlington-Horta- Île de Face
Mia Gomez- Journeys & Institutions
Asha Galvan- Grapefruit
Marina Garfield- Strained
Lorena Gonin- Sweet and Sour
Cassandra Hartle- Buckeye
Cassandra Hartle- The Amazing Human Owl
Ben Juenger- Avian Official
Raleigh Margulies- Ginger
Joey Miguel -White-Noise
Sara Milliken- Glitch
Sara Milliken -Bi-Polar
Kai Pang-Whisett- Snake Charmer
Andrea Paredes- What’s Next
Andrea Paredes -Las Aves
Valentina Paredes Run Down
Jean Patton- East 49th
Pearl Poss- Hooper
Pearl Poss -Routine
Ale Salinas-Bland
Gage Sanchez- Exposure
Gage Sanchez -True Phases
Matilda Scatton- Sting
Mason Shakelford- Life’s Influences
Gabrielle Sherwood- Serpentine Serenity
Rhett Shields -Screaming
Luca Snowhorn -Angel on Earth
Callan Spence -Decrepit
Kelsey Tasch- Check Mate
Valerie Thompson-Mantis in the Night
Reia Williams- World Tour
Sorcha Wilson -Caught Clowning
Reese Youngblood -Winter Point