Congratulations to our McCallum High School art students, and Mac FAA art students for receiving the following accolades in the 2021 Scholastic Art Awards. This year, the Austin Texas Art Region (presented by St. Stephens Episcopal School), received over 1200 individual submissions that were adjudicated by a panel of creative professionals.

McCallum’s award-winning students include:

Student Educator Work Title Barcode Award Category
Andrea Paredes William Cauthern Harmony 13973342 Honorable Mention Printmaking
Valentina Paredes William Cauthern Fragile Waters 13974869 Gold Key Printmaking
Diana Hardage Andrew Cooke Sink 13943397 Silver Key Photography
Joey Miguel Andrew Cooke Worktable 13943413 Silver Key Photography
Nadine Del Gallo Andrew Cooke Sunset Lily Pads 13943476 Honorable Mention Photography
Hana Diamond Andrew Cooke Shadow Jeff 13943371 Honorable Mention Photography
Jacob Ernst Andrew Cooke Pandemic 13943296 Honorable Mention Photography
Millicent Ramsey Andrew Cooke Sunset in the Lines 13943437 Honorable Mention Photography
Bieke Campos Ana O’Keefe Chato 13904393 Silver Key Drawing & Illustration
Sunny Greenblum Ana O’Keefe All My Favorite Things 13943646 Honorable Mention Painting
Joaquin Godines Jeff Seckar-Martinez Chuka Soba 13883952 Gold Key Painting
Valentina Paredes Jeff Seckar-Martinez I Can’t Breathe 13973837 Gold Key Painting
Reese Youngblood Jeff Seckar-Martinez Quarantine Lunch 13972263 Gold Key Painting
Edie Birkholz Jeff Seckar-Martinez Slumped in Grandma’s Coat and Chair 13985766 Silver Key Drawing & Illustration
Amaya Collier Jeff Seckar-Martinez Woke 13981099 Silver Key Painting
Peyton Dashiell Jeff Seckar-Martinez Canine Royalty 13851140 Silver Key Painting
Marisol Gonzalez Jeff Seckar-Martinez Window 13911063 Silver Key Drawing & Illustration
Raleigh Margulies Jeff Seckar-Martinez Warm 13831043 Silver Key Drawing & Illustration
Raleigh Margulies Jeff Seckar-Martinez Chickens 13936502 Silver Key Drawing & Illustration
Andrea Paredes Jeff Seckar-Martinez The Modern Fertility 13973818 Silver Key Painting
Edie Birkholz Jeff Seckar-Martinez Flossie 13985816 Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration
Keira Boehle Jeff Seckar-Martinez Unstuck 13958832 Honorable Mention Painting
Ruby Borden Jeff Seckar-Martinez A Conversation with A Chair 13968425 Honorable Mention Painting
Stella Falkin Jeff Seckar-Martinez Interwoven 13946734 Honorable Mention Mixed Media
Gage Sanchez Jeff Seckar-Martinez Breaking the Barrier 13832835 Honorable Mention Painting
Mia Gomez Carey West residential complex 13984593 Gold Key Architecture & Industrial Design
Gage Sanchez Carey West True Phases 13824557 Gold Key Sculpture
Nicholas Wheat Carey West Crystalline Vase 13824585 Gold Key Ceramics & Glass
Olivia Bell Carey West Growing 13939196 Silver Key Ceramics & Glass
Mason Shackelford Carey West Life’s Influences 13824663 Silver Key Sculpture
Marisol Gonzalez Carey West Turned Up 13910854 Honorable Mention Sculpture
Nicholas Wheat Carey West Lidded Pot 13824616 Honorable Mention Ceramics & Glass
Jamie / Sierra Winter Carey West Mother 13824609 Honorable Mention Sculpture

You can view their award-winning work by clicking here.

St. Stephen’s is inviting all educators and award recipients to a virtual celebration of this year’s Scholastic Art awards towards the end of January and will reach out with details soon.

Award letters, certificates and keys will be mailed directly to the students.

Gold Key work is currently being reviewed at the national level in New York City by panels of creative professionals.  Students will be able to log into their account at to see if they received a National Medal on March 17.

Best of Luck to all Gold Keys advancing to National Adjudication!

Special thanks to our amazing teachers for their guidance, participation, and instruction:

  • William Cauthern
  • Andrew Cooke
  • Ana O’Keefe
  • Jeff Seckar-Martinez
  • Carey West