Submit your Costume Photo to the Mac Spooktacular Costume Contest

  1. Upload your costume photo at

    from Thursday Oct. 29 – Sunday Nov. 1, 2020 by 10pm. Include your first name, last name, grade, and costume name under “Title.” When you submit, it will say “awaiting approval.” By sending in a photo, you are agreeing to be posted on the Padlet. Please let your parents know!

  2. Email Mr. Martinez and let him know you are participating in the contest so we can notify you if you won a prize.


  • Best Overall Costume
  • Scariest Costume
  • Most Creative Costume
  • Funniest Costume
  • Best Socially Distant Household Ensemble: (family group costumes or costumes with your pets or siblings).

Please make sure it is a clear photo and the costume is school appropriate – following AISD dress code. However, masks in photos are permitted! We will announce the winners on Nov. 3 by 12 pm. Our judges: Ms. Ghostly Griffith, Mr. Werewolf Winter, Mr. “Afterlife” Anderson, and Ms. Shadowy Smith