Dear McCallum Parents and Students,

I hope this email finds you well. You may have heard that TEA is requiring AISD to change our instructional model starting in November. This is meant to provide you with some clarity on how the next phase will look at McCallum. There will be more communication over the next couple of weeks as we receive more information about this change.

November 2 – Move to Class Transitions

Starting on Monday, Nov. 2, students will have the opportunity to return to school with an instructional model that includes students moving from class to class (think pre-COVID high school). Any family that chooses may continue to work from home and receive instruction virtually. We will take the necessary precautions we can to keep everyone safe. Though we will try our hardest, we will not be able to guarantee social distancing. The use of face masks will be required for in-person attendance. You will receive a survey from the district soon to indicate whether you want in-person or virtual.

Hybrid Model?

In the name of safety and social distancing, we may put in place a hybrid model. In a hybrid model, most students would come to school two days per week. Some students, who may need extra support, would be invited to attend five days per week. We will make a decision on hybrid after we have reliable numbers from the AISD survey. It is very important you complete the survey, so we are able to make an informed decision.

Outside Classroom Initiative

Say what you will about 2020 (I have some not-so-nice things to say) but this is certainly the year to get creative about how we do things! To that end, we are starting the McCallum Outside Classroom Initiative. Outside is safer. Outside is also often very nice in Austin, Texas aside from the few hot months in our rear-view mirror. We will hold “pop-up classes” outside and find creative ways to take fine arts and specialty programs outdoors. Learning, after all, does not require the four walls of a classroom.

Thank you,

Nicole Griffith, M.Ed.
Interim Principal
McCallum High School

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