Happy Friday Mac Families!

We had a great week here at Mac with the opportunity to welcome more students back on campus to transition from class to class.  Our numbers were low (details below) but it was wonderful to see students in the halls and in our classrooms. Our students did a great job keeping their masks on and complying with the social distancing and one-way hallways.

Below are some updates, good news, and info for you as a Mac family. I hope you all get to enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Mac Student Hub
All Students and Parents – We highly recommend you bookmark the Mac Student Hub.  It is chock-full of important and useful information including:
  • Club Information
  • Technology
  • Links for Mindfulness
  • Directory of Mac Staff
  • & Much More!

FYI: In-Person Attendance for Nov. 2-6
Our student attendance for the first week of class transitions hovered around 85 students each day.  Most classes had 1-2 students though some classes welcomed as many as seven at a time.

New Fine Arts Academy Website
If you haven’t already, check out the new and improved McCallum Fine Arts Academy Website. Thank you to Academy Director Heather Ramsay for the hard work put into this project. It’s beautiful!

Flex Fridays
Up until this point we have been able to have a synchronous morning and an asynchronous afternoon. We are now required to have a full day Friday – rotating on the A/B calendar. Fridays are now called Flex Fridays. Most of our classes will be using Fridays for these things:

  • Academic Advisement
  • Reteach for whole group
  • Catch up on assignments

Some classes will present new material. These classes will likely fall into the following categories:

  • Semester-long classes
  • All or nearly all students are passing

Any student who is attending face-to-face will be invited to attend on Fridays (we’re on hybrid so otherwise students will come two days per week).

Outside Classroom Initiative

At McCallum, we are thinking creatively to meet this time head-on. We will be piloting a program to take learning outside and we need your help! Please consider purchasing much-needed items to make the Outside Classroom Initiative a success.

We hope to get more and more students and teachers outside and your donation will help get us there. You can purchase:

  • Long extension cords to get electricity out to our outdoor classrooms
  • Student chairs to be given to students who need them ***Our biggest need at this point***
  • Large white erase boards for teachers
  • Pop up tent covering for hot or drizzly days

Here’s the link to donate:

Anything that you can do to help us create productive learning spaces for our teachers and students outside of our classrooms is very appreciated.

Principal Griffith has more to say! To read her full message, please click here.

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